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World Solo Championship Newsletter

Spotlight Racer

Taylor Lideen

Taylor Lideen

For those of you who don’t know Taylor, this will be his 3rd WSC and he is the current WSC U25 Mens champion.

We got a hold of Taylor in Arizona and asked him some questions for the newsletter…

1)   Tell us a little about yourself, Taylor.

I just turned 20 in December. I am attending a local community college right now and also work part time at a sub shop. I love riding my bike and working out in the gym. I am also a bit of a movie buff and love listening to music and enjoy hanging out with my friends.

2)   How many 24hr Solos have you done?

I have completed about five 24 hour Solo races. I have entered more but things didn’t go as planned and didn’t finish either because of mechanicals, getting sick, or other problems.  t seems like anything that can go wrong will go wrong at some point during these races.

3)    What was it that got you into your first 24hr Solo?

My dad always used to race Moab on a team before I ever started racing mountain bikes. A few years after I started racing I noticed I wasn’t getting any results in the downhill racing so wanted to try something new. XC racing was cool but I really struggled with the short hard effort stuff, and I kind of got bored with it. I just thought I would give a 24 hour Solo race a try at the age of 18 and ever since have been hooked.

4)    Why do you do 24hr Solos now?

I just love riding my bike and the training that goes with it. I think it’s pretty cool how you go through every emotion imaginable during a 24 hour race. You experience the highs and also some pretty intense lows. I love the nervous feeling before the start and the feeling of relief after the race.  I can’t get enough of it.

5)    What are your thoughts about the 2010 WSC this year?

I think it’s really exciting that it will be in Australia this year. I have never traveled overseas so it should be a great experience. It sounds like the course will be pretty awesome. I think it also adds to the nerve factor with it being in Australia as well. I can’t wait to experience everything over there. I am hoping I don’t get sick over there like I did in Canada in 2009.

6)    How many hours a week do you train?

I train 20-24 hours a week. I usually try and get a few six or seven hour rides in a week with all of my other rides around two and four hours. I also lift weights in the gym.

7)    What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about 24hr racing?

The biggest thing I have learned about 24 hour racing is probably perseverance.  I have learned that almost anything can happen and to not give up. I have also learned to go with the flow much better. You experience so many emotions during the races that you need to just deal with the tough times and they will eventually pass.

8)    What’s your favorite food in the pit?

I have a really sensitive stomach. In Canada this past year I got sick about 7 hours into the race and have terrible stomach issues until the end. It all just depends what my stomach can handle.  I really like homemade yogurt with strawberries. One of our family friends makes that for most races and it is really easy on my stomach. I also love apples, bananas, hot soup, hot chocolate, and a coca-cola.

9)    Anything else you would like to say, Taylor?

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of the support before, during, and after the races. Thank you Chuck, Rick, and Pierre for the help during the races. Also thank you Quinton and Vince from KHS Bikes.

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